The kind man rescued the little cat who was stuck on the busy road

This is a story about a heroic motorcyclist who found a little kitten on the road. This happened in Belgium.
This man was driving and at the same time filming the way home.

And suddenly he met a little cat who was frozen and could not move.
Another driver who was also on the same road stopped and together they wanted to help the poor animal.

So, finally, they managed to save the baby and took it from the road.
The cat was alone as it was abandoned by its owner. So, the men approached it and saw how scared it was.

The motorcyclist took the baby carefully and wanted to see if it had some wounds or injuries.
But the man could not take the poor creature with him because of his allergy. But he also did not want to leave it there.

So, he decided to look after the baby till taking it to the shelter. He named the baby Silky. Now she is living with her family and waiting for its permanent owners. Let’s hope that it will soon find caring and loving parents and will no longer appear in such conditions.

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