The hairless dog was in desperate condition but suddenly she met the right person who changed her life

The sick and poor dog walked on the streets for several months and asked for help.
One day she noticed a woman and decided to ask for help.

Noticing the animal she gave her food. And that was the right decision that she ever made.
The woman took the animal home and searched for a new place for her to stay.

She named the animal Gardenia and posted her photos on Facebook. Soon, the animal rescue center saw the post.
The woman encountered such cases many times but she could not neglect Gardenia.

The dog needed sleep as she spent a long time on the street.
So, she slept and when she woke up the woman took her to the hospital.

Here, it turned out that it has some diseases like demodicosis, etc.
The animal was unhappy and desperate. It seemed that she gave up and did not want to struggle anymore.

She ate normally and did not want to play with anyone.
So, she got some treatment and several antibiotics helped her a lot. Her skin started to clear and hair started to grow on her skin.

After some time she started to feel happy as she already felt well due to the special treatment.
And the new owner told that she started to be a joyful and active dog.

Although it was difficult, she needed to find a permanent home.
And soon someone appeared and wanted to take the animal.

And it was love at first sight. The new owner and the dog loved each other so much. And not the dog would be surrounded by love and care. And the bright future was waiting for her. Everything will be good after overcoming these many difficulties.

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