The guy started sleeping badly and set up a camera. In the morning I watched the recording, on which an uninvited guest appeared

Morning after morning, Alan woke up constantly tired. At some point his condition started affecting his work, so the guy bought a camera and set it up right in front of the bed. In the morning, he reviewed the recording and found that in the middle of the night an uninvited guest appeared in the room.

Alan Brown was having trouble sleeping in early March. At the same time, the man had never had difficulty falling asleep before – he lived alone, observed the regime and always woke up without an alarm clock.

Alan was forced to install the camera by a not-so-pleasant incident: one morning, he discovered small bruises on his shoulders. Not so long ago, a guy was reading about sleepwalking and already decided that he had started walking in a dream.

However, the answer turned out to be a lot more fun. While going through the files in the morning, Alan discovered that a large cat was climbing into his room in the middle of the night. He gets used to it for a while, then walks on a sleeping person for a few more minutes. Then the cat settles down to sleep in its bed, wakes up in the morning and runs away.

You know, it’s a strange thing. Discover that you have a completely unknown cat. But that’s in the past: recently Tormund stayed in the morning, I tamed him. Now I have a cat! said Alan.

To prove his story, the guy even posted a video from the camera:


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