The grandmother got the cutest gift from her granddaughter

The grandmother is about 76 years old.
They kept animals all their lives. But after the last pet, she could not adopt another one.

The grandmother thought she was too old to adopt a new pet.
And she was sad as she thought she would never have an animal again.

But her granddaughter named Andrea did not want to give up.
And she found a cute dog.

She found it while scrolling on the Internet and finally found a pet who needed caring owners.
When the owner knew how the couple dreamt about the puppy he agreed to give it to them.

And the couple went to take their new friend.
They named the puppy Princess and took it home.

The woman was happy like a kid.
It seemed that the dog was also happy.

He was full of joy.
People thought that their age could prevent them from being good owners but they were all wrong.

Princess could not have a more caring family than this couple was.
So, they now live their best life and enjoy each other’s presence.

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