The girl with big eyes

Today’s story is about a girl with a special look. This baby had huge eyes.
Sometimes her parents met some compliments about their daughter on social media. The girl is very beautiful.

But they do not know to be sad or happy as the girl’s eyes are not huge but she had Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome.
This girl; could not go out without sunglasses and it does not matter whether the sun is bright or not.

But the sun is her enemy so she would protect herself from it.
Many people treat the girl with positive reactions and support her mom with kind words.

But indeed many people are afraid of the girl.
And because of these negative people, the mother is worried about the girl’s future as she always would face difficulties during her life.

Now the girl is four years old. Besides the girl, the family also had 2 children and are lucky to raise all of them.
Also, many people think that the girl could start a modeling career.

Let’s hope that everything will be good in her future life and that she will never give up.

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