The girl took a kitten and 30 years later they still love each other

The girl named Michelle Foster found a little cat at the age of 20.
She took the baby and named it Robbie. And since then they became best friends.

Thirty years later they are still best friends. Now the little kitten has turned into an old cat.
The cat often visits the hospital to make sure everything is good with his health.

His mother, who was a caring girl, did her best to keep the animal in good shape. He had some health problems but together they solved them all. It was a healthy and strong cat.

The 25 years old cat underwent an important surgery but his condition was not bad at such an age, said the doctor.
The owner was very careful with it. They did not skip any examination.

So, the year later she also took him to the hospital for the next examination. The doctors claim that the cat is always energetic and joyful despite all difficulties.

Most probably this cat is the oldest one in England. And then the staff prepared for him a surprise. So, when he comes for the examination next time they will give him his favorite food and toy.

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