The girl helped the poor cat to become a healthy and beautiful one

Animals who are born ahead of time often have sad endings. As they could not survive and are too weak. It is common for them to lose weight because of some digestive problems.

If they do not have wool it makes them defenseless. So, they grow slower than others.
One day a post was shared on social media about a cat who was abandoned by its mother and now the baby needs care and treatment.

The girl called Debbie Timmis decided to take responsibility and helped the baby.
She knew that the cat had little chance but she decided to do anything and help the baby.

The baby did not have hair on the skin and was weighing so little.
The doctors warned the woman that the cat could not survive but everything that happened amazed everyone.

The skin of the cat changed its color. The girl did a heart massage and then it came back to life. So, the woman started to feed the animal every 2 hours.
The girl also named the cat Freya.

Freya wanted to explore everything around it.
Debbie gave the animal this name for a reason. According to some mythology, it means love and beauty. And it suits it the most.

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