The girl found a special colored cat and nursed the baby with her cat

The girl once noticed a small lump on the sidewalk. The baby had a special color and the girl could not immediately understand what it was.

She came closer to it and took it with her.
The animal was blind and needed help. And it will die on the street if the girl did not take it home.

The girl took the animal to the hospital.
The animal started to eat normally and gained weight in 3 days. Then the baby was named Janie.

Melissa had another cat at home and she wanted to put Janie with her. But she did not know how it would react to their new family member. Therefore she was very careful with them at first.

At first, the cat was careful but then they found a common language.
The kittens accepted their new sister and started to play with her.

Janie demanded meat food as the adult cat was eating it. She wanted to act the same way as the adult.
Janie gradually gained weight and now she is living her best life with her kind owner and caring siblings.

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