The fox stole the duck but the dog took the ducklings and became their dad

This English dog has had noble manners since birth.
The castle transformed and became a local landmark and now tourists visit where the dog guarded it.

And he dealt with everyone with love and care. For instance, once he took a little squirrel who was on the road and looked after it until it was released into the wild.

And then the dog’s life changed after turning 10 years old. He became a father.
The duck built a nest near the castle and when the ducklings were alone the fox caught them.

People are concerned about whether the babies would stay alive as it’s very hard for them to be alone without their mother at this age. But the dog already found the solution. So he gathered all the babies.

Father Fred never left the babies alone since then. He warms them all day long.
Later he taught them how to swim.

And near the castle, there is a place where they can swim.
So, the dog understood that the babies could not live without water and so taught them to swim and they did it every day.

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