The fox started to live with people and became a pet

The animal was saved from death and started to live with people.
The animal was found by the staff of a special center. At that time the poor animal had many injuries and he was in bad condition.

The staff did their best to help the animal and took it to the vet for treatment.
Thanks to their efforts the fox started to recover and become stronger.

But still, he needed to recover as he had so many wounds. He needs to stay there for some time.
During this time it was always communicated with people and he gradually became a domestic animal.

So, continuing to live in the wildlife will be difficult for him.
A kind man called Jeff Greucock felt that the poor animal could not stay without care so he decided to look after him.

The wild animal got along with new owners easily and he continued living as a domestic animal.
There are also other animals in their home so living with them was a pleasure for the fox. She enjoyed his life.

Most amazing was that the fox started to eat everything the same as the dogs did.

The most lovely thing for him is to walk with the owner called Rosie.
Now he has everything needed to be happy.

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