The fourteen years old cat was weighting like for=urteen month old

People from Arizona saved the cat called Ann. They also were amazed how the animal managed to survive.
Ann was saved by a humane society where many cats and dogs stayed.

But people were worried if they could save the poor creature on time.
Ann was similar to a skeleton who is covered with skin.

The animal shelter staff saw the pictures of the cat who needed help and took it to them.
Ann fell asleep in the shelter. Everyone thought it was a weak creature but they were mistaken.

Ann wanted to fight for its right to live and she did it till the end. She did not give up.
The animal did not have muscle mass and that made her barely move.

She did treatment and after some time the results were obvious. She started to gain weight and was happy to be surrounded with love and attention.

She passed four months of treatment and now she looks like a real cat. She enjoys playing with other animals and climbing trees.

Fortunately she is now healthy.
And she proved to everyone that no one should lose hope and if you have desire you will struggle till the end.

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