The family spent about 12 hours in the car so the animal could give birth in comfortable conditions

The stray dog turned out to be lucky. She wandered Texas’s streets when she was pregnant. And it was cold there and she could not feed her future kids.
But she was lucky as she met a caring family.

Aubrey prepared a comfortable place for a possible birth. There is everything necessary if needed.
The puppies should be in warmth, says Aubrey.

Otherwise, they could not eat and will die.
So, the mother gave birth to the first baby when the electricity went out in the city.

When the baby was born it was cooling down.
The family prepared hot water for the babies.

After the birth of their 4th baby, they understood that the measures were helpless. The babies continue to cool down.
And they could not do anything. If the cold conditions last long all puppies will die soon.

So, they decided to go to Aubrey’s mother’s home.

They stayed there till their home became comfortable for them.
So, they created every necessary condition for the mother and her babies. Aubrey while adopting the dog promised to do the best for her and she kept her word.

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