The family allowed the cat to enter the home and then found the copy of the cat on the sofa

The cat named Maia has lived with the Moran family since birth. She became everyone’s favorite person who is allowed to do everything she wants.

She likes spending her time at home but often goes for walks.
Once, the owner came back home from home and noticed that the door was open.

So, they thought that the cat came out to feel the fresh air.
But surprisingly the family found a second cat who was lying on the sofa. This cat was so similar to Maia.

It seemed that they were the same.
The owners thought that it was someone’s cat who visited their pet. But it was difficult to distinguish among them.

They both felt comfortable at home and responded to the voices of their owners.
Also, it seemed that they knew each other for a long time.

The family did not know how to act in such a situation.
So, they examined the animals and after that managed to identify the guest.

The family named it Jay.
Later, they shared the photo of the cat on social media.

And Jay gradually became a member of their family.
Now, they all are happy and live together.

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