The exciting moment when the old dog met her lovely owner

These inseparable friends are again together.
Soldiers play an important role in each country. Without their protection, the country’s people cannot live safely.

But we should also remember dogs who serve the country. Dogs even endanger their lives to save their lovely owners.
Among these dogs is Taylor. Soldiers name her Tay-Tay.

And the job that he did for her country is unforgettable. And its owner will never forget about her devotion.
They are inseparable friends.

But then the dog retired. And now she will live in safe conditions.
And usually, dogs are adopted when they retire. And the soldier could not meet with the dog too often as organizing it was too expensive.

But when you want something you will work for it and your dream will come true. And due to Molli Oliver, they are now reunited.
Molli Oliver always helps soldiers to meet their dogs. She did it using only her money. She never regrets doing such a kind job.

And people in their turn always remember it and are thankful to the woman.
And after seeing this couple reunited people could not hide their tears.

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