The emaciated dog was saved from euthanasia due to the dog who gave blood

A white puppy was moved to the Arizona Humane Society in a bad condition. The puppy was going to be euthanased.
But the owner of the rescue center named Ellie Smith intervened in this process.

She decided to take the dog and save her life.
At the hospital, the dog went for some examinations and it turned out that there were some problems with his blood.

Its skin was covered in ticks. The doctors did not know what to do but they did their best to help the puppy.
The only solution was a transfusion of healthy blood. And it should be done as soon as possible.

Dr. Jen Gilson thought about 2 dogs that could do so. They were her pets named Riggs and Murphy. And only Murphy corresponds with the blood type of this poor baby.

So, Murphy became a donor and helped the baby to be survived.
Finally, it got a second chance to live.

The puppy was sent to her mother and got care of her.
This was an amazing fate for this poor creature. And thanks to doctors and the kind dog the puppy was saved.

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