The dying owner wanted to be sure that the perfect owner would adopt his dog after his death

Once a poor man named John Weston got a terrible diagnosis that he had six months left to live. So, one of his neighbors told him to live a better life before dying.

He also suggested the man take a dog and spend the last months with him.
The neighbor is the founder of an animal center. And he took one of his dogs to this sick man.

And surprisingly the man lived longer due to this dog than was expected to live. And the relatives were sure that it was due to this dog. The dog always slept with the man.

After some time the man asked Sherri to find a trustworthy family who would look after the puppy after his death. He found a man named Bernie Knobee.

It seemed that they had to meet each other with the dog. The man was sure that after his death the dog would live with the new owner.

So, after some days he died. His new owner was an animal lover and would be very careful with the dog. Now the dog enjoys the rest of his life with other rescued animals.

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