The dwarf cat stopped growing and has rare deviations finally found a home

Many animals are born with the disease and that repels many owners who want to adopt a pet.
But indeed many animals find homes with such deviations. And they live in a loving atmosphere.

The stray cat was found on the farm and had 2 babies. The animal was not afraid of people and went into their arms. Then the cat with her babies was sent to the shelter and then the workers noticed that one of the babies differs from the others in its size and paws.

This kitten also did not have teeth.
The staff thought that this kitten had another mother as it was different from the other kitten.

The second baby looked normal and was two months old.
This poor kitten had short legs and a thin voice.

Then the doctors understood that it was a disease. This was dwarfism in cats.
The cat called Moser managed to find an owner. It was friendly and was not afraid of strangers.

She was interested in everyone.
The sister was growing as a usual pet but Moser remained the same small kitten.

But despite all of this it had a kind and loving heart. Let’s hope that someone will like what she was.

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