The duck helped the dog to overcome depression and most probably you have never heard such a connection among various species

Many years passed after the dog’s death but its friend still remembers it.
The poor animal was in depression. He did not react to anything and his days were all similar. Nothing changed in his life.

He ate very little and its owners were concerned about its health.
George always lied on the porch and was sad. One day something different happened when the duck violated its calmness.

The duck was very confident. She approached George and even hugged him.
The dog itself was surprised but did not push the duck away.

The owner of the George did not recognize the bird so he was worried about the situation. The duck surprisingly was not scared of meeting the dog.
And in its turn, the dog was very calm with this. But no one knows the reason.

This was the day of the anniversary of the dog’s death. So, that was not a usual day when this duck appeared there.
The owner claims that it was a mystical connection between them. The dog had never cried before.

The owner decided to let the new animal in the house and that was the right decision that he could ever make. The duck followed the dog wherever it went.

And this changed the dog a lot. He started to play with the duck. So, the duck helped the poor dog to overcome the depression that he had after his friend’s death.

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