The dog who was living in a garbage asked passers-by to take it home but no one helped him

The dog called Hercules welcomed everyone and hoped that someone would take him. He looked at them in his poor eyes.
He jumps up and clings to everyone, tells Amanda Cunefare.

Many animals in Turkey are born and die in the same place. They did not have hope that someone would help them.
Here, there is no water and food. And the conditions were terrible for the animals to survive, said the woman.

In 2014, the woman started to feed animals and look after them.
Most of the animals shifted to the US and found homes.

As there are not enough human resources the activist tried to help puppies and older dogs. And it was even hard for them to survive in cold weather.
As Hercules was in middle age it seemed that no one would help him.

But surprisingly the dog got out.
So, Amanda decided to adopt it which was in the dump for many years.

Now, Amanda’s family had 6 dogs from the same place.

The animals who are from the dump are the calmest ones, says the woman.
So, due to such caring people many animals survived and got a second chance to live.

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