The dog who had vitiligo stole everyone’s heart on the Internet

Blaze is a Labrador Retriever who is about 10 years old and lives in Finland. He is similar to all dogs of the same breed.
But his skin color gradually changed as he had a disease called vitiligo. But this turned out to be a feature that made her a real star.

It was black and most of his life remained the same. But when he turned 9 white spots appeared on his body.
The doctors found out about vitiligo.

But fortunately, it does not prevent him from living his best life. He is healthy and has a lot of energy. Moreover, he enjoys going out and exploring new places.
‘He joins us wherever we go and enjoys the moments’ says the dog owner.

Once, the owner decided to open a personal account for the dog and posted some photos of him. These photos surprisingly attracted everyone’s attention.

Moreover, it got about 32000 likes in a very short period. After that, the owner started to post regularly on its social media.
His posts were interesting for people to watch.

So, his features helped him to become a real star. People also named him in different ways.

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