The dog was transferred to the shelter as it could not hear but once it learned the sign language returned to herhering

The animal is trained as a sheepdog from birth.
The dog was doing well in her job and enjoyed listening to praise from its owners.

But then she became deaf.
The owners thought it was because of her age and they could not hello her in any way.

And they took it to the shelter.
And there is a risk that this dog would be euthanized in the shelter.

But the magic happened when Chloe Shorten saw the animal.
So Chloe together with her husband decided to adopt the animal to the farm where they already kept 2 other dogs.

The woman understood that the animal would soon die if they did not allow her to work.
They decided to teach her sign language.

As such, dogs are smart and can easily learn many things.
The workouts were hard but they managed to do so.

The most difficult thing was to teach her to look at the trainer to get the commands.
Now she has learned many things and can return to her business.

Now she is returned and wears a GPS tracker as the owner thought it could easily be lost.
Fortunately, the dog is now happy as she feels loved.

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