The dog was in terrible condition and no one wanted to even look at it but then he changed

Frudo was wandering in the streets. No one liked his appearance. But then everything changed for the better when he was noticed by a caring person who could not be indifferent and understood that the baby needed help. So, he took it to the hospital.

The doctors saw many things during their career but they were horrified when they saw this dog.
His body was fully affected.

Fortunately the doctors managed to speak with Frodo. After some time he understood that doctors wanted to help him and they would never hurt it.
And then they examined the baby.

His body was exhausted so doctors dealt with it very carefully as they thought it could not overcome the surgery.
But it turned out that Fredo is a strong creature. He did not give up and overcome everything.

Now he is recovered and is feeling well. He can easily find a new family and owners. The shelter posted his photos on social media and the owners immediately appeared. So, the surgery changed his life. He now looks beautiful and everything remained in the past.

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