The dog saw the children who use the money to buy food and decided to use leave to get the same

The dog called Negro is from Mexico. The puppy was taken by the institute’s staff. Negro was feeling good here and was provided with food from the teachers and students. He was a smart puppy.

Once he decided to not disturb people anymore.
The dog took leaves to exchange them for food.

The seller of the store was amazed by seeing this.
He did this by seeing the students who gave money and received food.

He thought it was money as well and expected to get food instead. With the color and shape, it was similar to money.
The seller said that when he saw the animal he had a leaf in his mouth and also wagged his tail.

The seller was amazed and decided to help the animal and gave him cookies.
Now the animal comes every day to the store and brings a leaf with him as money. So he honestly pays for his purchase.

So, now everyone thinks that money can grow on trees.
What an amazing story about kind people who could not reject the animal and gave him food.

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