The dog named Tinni and the fox called Sniffer are best friends

Sometimes we hear crazy stories about the relationship between animals. This story is about the friendship between the dog and the wild fox. Tinni is living with its owner named Torgeir Berge who in its turn took these photos.

The animals did not understand that they are from various species.
But when their photos went viral it became a criticism for the industry as foxes should be kept in cages until they will be killed by their pelts.

Foxes act similarly to dogs and they have almost the same character.
‘It’s not normal that everyone thinks that foxes should always be in cages,’ Berge wrote on social media.

Fortunately, this fox has a place to play and spend its day. Moreover, it can freely move when needed.
These animals don’t even know that someone always captures them together.

They weren’t even concerned about such things.
And many people could not even imagine how a fox and a dog could be friends but this story proves that everything is possible.

They are best friends and are always ready to help each other.
Their only aim is to enjoy their time together.

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