The dog named Alapaha gave birth to 20 puppies

The dog was pregnant and it was expected that she would give birth to 6 or a maximum of 8 babies but what doctors found out during the ultrasound was amazing. She will have 20 babies instead of 8.

The birth lasted about one day and it was real chaos for the family.
It was 18 of March when the girl noticed the dog who started to breathe heavily. And then one baby was born.

When she gave birth to 8 babies they thought it was the end but according to its look, it was obvious that she would still give birth.
After the twelfth baby, she calmed a little but her family took her to the hospital.

Here, the dog was given drugs and could continue giving birth to the rest of the babies.
But 9 babies could not survive. The doctors did their best but could not save the puppies.

But fortunately, the others were healthy.
It was difficult for the mother as she was giving birth for the first time.

She tried to gain strength for some days.
So, now she spends the whole day with her puppies.
After they grow up the woman would try to find them permanent homes.

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