The dog managed to find a caring family due to a social media post

Some time ago the Instagram account of an animal shelter shared a post about one of their strange residents. It was a husky called Jubilee. The breeder of the animal thought he could not see such a dog who has an unusual appearance.

Jubilee lived as an abandoned dog for a long time and when the shelter posted her photos she immediately found her owners.
Her story was shared on Instagram about 45K times. Also, so many people wanted to donate home for the animal.

The number of such people was about 150. Finally, she appeared in the family where the other dogs were adopted from the same shelter. She gets along with the dog very well.

The staff of the shelter was sure that the dog was in safe and protected hands.
She became popular in a short time and was even mentioned during many shows.

The animal shelter made a T-shirt with a picture of the dog.
But the owners asked not to show his name on TV shows.

Hope she is feeling happy with her new owners.
How a post can change many destinies.

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