The dog lost his hope but due to the kind family he changes a lot

Many people hate animals and no one can explain this phenomenon. Many animals die because of cruel people.
But this dog was an exception as he was noticed by caring people in his life.

The volunteers noticed a wounded little dog. He had so many injuries and wounds. It seemed that his previous owners used him in dogfights as Pitbulls have special fighting skills.

But when the owners saw that the dog was all wounded he decided to get rid of him.
The volunteers appeared on time and provided first aid. The doctors had to work on his mental health too.

As the animal was scared of people and did not allow anyone to come closest to him.
The doctors struggle for its health.

He gradually started to trust doctors.
The treatment helped him a lot. He is not both physically and mentally healthy.

The animal was named Jackson and fortunately, he managed to find a permanent home. The new owners will be very careful with him and he is now in safe hands. He really deserves to love and be loved.

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