The dog got reunited with the owner who helped and took her overseas

A soldier named Nick Pierzchalski was serving in Iraq.
Besides serving the country he also loved animals and could not ever leave them helpless. He helped all animals who were in need.


And Nick decided to take a little doggy who was far away from him. He realized how much support the animal wanted.
The man treated the dog with love and care. They fed the animal with their food. Then he named the dog Airys.

Airys needed love and warmth for people. In its turn, he made the man very happy. And when Nick should say goodbye to his lovely pet he knew he had to adopt it. But it was hard for him to take the animal to the US.

Only after 1 year did he manage to do so. And his dream came true. And they are finally reunited.

Many kind people helped them to be reunited and Nick was very grateful to all of them who helped them to reach their goal. He could not imagine that it could ever happen. But this story proves that dreams come true. They are now inseparable.

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