The dog detected cancer in the woman and let her know about it

Once, a dog called Bella Boo chose to sleep on the chest of a woman named Karena Kirk-Drain. It was her owner.
The dog persisted to sleep there instead of in her usual place. The woman could not convince the dog to go.

Then, the woman decided to take the dog to the hospital to understand what was wrong.
The doctors found that the dog is healthy but what was surprising was that her behavior became even stranger in the hospital.

The dog started to jump on the woman’s chest and caused discomfort.
‘As Bella was jumping on my chest I started to feel pain and then found a bump,’ says Karen.

Then she went for an examination and there it turned out that she had chest cancer.
She went to therapy and that helped doctors to stop the spread of the disease. So, all of this was thanks to the dog.

‘Who can imagine that animals can detect disease and let us know about it says the woman. And when everything was good Bella again started to sleep in her usual place.
Now she warned every pet owner to be careful with their animal’s behavior.

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