The dog could not leave the baby deer alone and helped him from drowning

This brave dog saved a baby deer.
The name of the dog was Harley it was searched by its owner called Ralph Dorn.

He searched for every possible place and then started to look next to the lake that was near the place where they live. And he was so happy as he finally found its lovely dog who was near a small deer.

The owner was so surprised when he saw these cuties in the lake and wanted to know what happened.
These 2 animals swam and reached the middle of the lake. The dog helped them.

He was very careful with them and did not want to leave them alone.
When Harley noticed the animals he hurried to help them without hesitation.

Then the mother came back.
That morning Harley ran from one place to another and could not rest.

When they opened the door they saw the fawn.
Later the mother of the deer appeared and Dorn took the dog home.

The dog was now happy that it had survived.

Later, the deer together with its mother came to somehow express their gratitude to the dog who saved the baby dear. The owners in turn were very proud of the pet and they are convinced once again that their dog was a real hero.

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