The dog clings to the baby and then the family understood that he tried to save the family

This story happened in Australia. The couple had a little daughter and recently they decided to adopt an animal as well.
At the animal shelter, people noticed a dog named Khan.

The dog was all alone and Catherine together with her husband took it without even hesitating.
And later something happened that changed their attitude towards their pet.

One day the dog was playing in the yards with a girl named Charlotte. It seemed that they got along with each other.
But then the dog caught the girl with his teeth.

The woman was scared and hurried to help the girl. But later it became obvious that the dog protected the girl instead of attacking her.
The dog noticed a dangerous snake there and started to act like that.

So it saved the girl in such a way.
But the snake could nite it.

The girl was healthy and unharmed and doctors could help on time.
The dog got everything necessary for treatment and recovered.
So, the couple was thankful to the animal who saved their daughter’s life. They would never forget his heroic action.

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