The deaf dog met his father after a long separation and could not hide his tears

This meeting got everyone’s attention.
People should have animals and especially dogs in their lives.

And the reason is that dogs dedicate their lives to their owners and are always ready to endanger their lives to protect their owners. Dogs love their owners endlessly and their presence in our society is essential.

This story is about a dog called Cotton who again proved its devotion to people.
The moment was captured and the video broke millions of people’s hearts. It also spread widely on social media and gained so much popularity.

In that video, you can see how this cute creature greets its lovely father with whom they were separated for a long time.
The most emotional part was that the dog was deaf but it did not disturb it to recognize its father.

No one knows what the animal was feeling when it lost its owner. No one knows how he suffered during this time. This video gained 20 million views.

But there is bad news about the dog who died because of illness. The owner also wrote about this on social media.

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