The cow hides her babies in different places from the farmers

Animals also have maternal love and the instinct to protect their kids.
Clarabelle, a dairy cow, gave birth to calves and increased the amount of milk that she could give.

But it was very hard for her as farmers took all the babies after she gave birth. Most of them were killed and others would live the same way as she did.
Their only job was to give birth and milk.

But when she became older she could not give birth any longer. So she was now useless to the owner. So the owner decided to kill her and her milk.
But fortunately, she was saved by the animal sanctuary.

And now she can live freely. But it was very hard for her to overcome her trauma and continue living in a normal way. It was hard to forget the previous life.
But then she was pregnant again.

It was noticeable that she tried to protect herself from everyone.
But when you remember her past, you will understand her behavior.

When she gives birth she hides her calves. People could not understand that she was hiding and decided to chase her and know. They finally found a calf.
So, it turned out that she had already given birth and hid her baby.

She did her best to protect her calf.
As people found the baby on Valentine’s day they also named it Valentine.

The staff also wanted to convince the mother that they would not take the baby.
And now the baby will always be with its mother and no one would part them away.

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