The corgi mother took 4 puppies who were left alone after their mom died

The 2-year-old dog who was pregnant was barely saved.
After some time 3 babies were born.

But the poor mother could not survive and died. The newborn babies were left alone.
The shelter workers decided to feed the babies on their own.

And then they decided to put Labradors near the young mom named Angela. Angela had milk and could feed them.
They could not hope so but magic happened. The corgi accepted the babies with happiness.

Moreover, when the workers wanted to take the babies and place them in the incubator after being fed, the mother dog became angry and asked to return them.
No one could imagine that such a magical thing could happen.

After that, she was always with them and did not let anyone take them.
Angela now had 8 puppies and never distinguish between them. She had the same love for all of them.

So, the workers tried something that changed all the dogs’ lives. They felt what means to be loved due to the mother dog.
And let’s hope that soon they all will have their homes and loving owners.

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