The cat who stole food for many years from the garage finally met his owner

It’s difficult for wild animals to survive in the wild. But, one big cat managed to do so and also maintained its 9 kilograms.
Later, the cat became an internet star.

It turned out that he entered the woman’s garbage and stole food. And he continuously did this without knowing the owner.
But then he got caught. The owner of the house called a special center to solve this problem and get him out of there.

The staff from the center arrived to fix the problem.
Later the director of the center named Barbara said that seeing such a big cat is a rare thing. And then this story spread widely in Portland.

Goliath’s owner while watching the news recognized its cat.
Then he went to the shelter and proved that it was her cat.

Later it turned out that the real name of the animal was Hercules. Also, they learned how he became homeless.

Finally, the cat found its owner and should no longer steal food from anyone else.
The cat is the happiest as he is now in safe hands. The owner was very careful with him.

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