The cat was scared of everything and hid behind the shed

The girl once noticed cats who hid behind the shed that was close to their house. Some days later only one cat was left there.

The girl caught them and took them home. But one of them was too little. And only one cat left. The kind woman did her best to save the life of the last cat.

Then she called the rescue center where the baby was taken. They named the cat Beorf and started to cure him. The cat was very happy as he was fed properly.
One of the volunteers called Isabelle started to look after the cat.

Beorf got used to the house and was feeling well. It turned out that the cat is a very active creature. The cat enjoyed playing and running all around the home.
He loved the home and was not shy. He demanded it when needed something.

After some time the rescuers found his mother. The baby got everything necessary and it also managed to find a permanent home.

When he grew up he became even more friendly, he enjoyed communicating with people. And he was interested in everything that happened around him.

Now he should find permanent owners and one family who saw his pictures loved him so much. And they hurried to see the animal.
Now he is living his best life and is surrounded by love.

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