The cat was going to be put down by her owner till the kind vet helped her

The cat Pitoe was looking strange. Her owner was afraid and took her to the hospital and asked the doctors to euthanize her.
Marie was feeling sorry for the cat and offered it to her grandparents.

They loved kittens but did not want to keep animals because of their age.
The poor cat could have fallen from a window as the owner forgot to close it.

So, here among the veterinarians, Pitoe could receive medical care and treatment.
Now the kitten finally got the life she deserved.

Now she feels love and will not be euthanized.
Marie also created an Instagram account for the pet to tell everyone about this special story. She often shares videos and pictures of the cat.

Because of some spinal pathology, the baby could not move actively but even in such a condition, she tried to run and climb on a chair.
Marie tells that her grandparents loved the cat from the first moment and now they are in a close relationship.

Grandparents took care of the baby properly and did everything for her.
Also, Marie hoped that this story will motivate everyone to do good things.
‘She was barely saved and now she enjoys her life’ says Marie. She added that it’s important to help animals.

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