The cat started to cry when she knew where her cat was going when she left her babies

This touching story is widely spread on social media in a short time. And this once again shows how thankful animals could be. The hero of this story is a cat named Mila. Mila is living with her owner. One usual day when he was walking he returned with kittens.

Mila became a very careful and loving mother but recently the owner noted that she leaves her kids for some time and disappears. SO, she feeds her babies and then leaves. And this did not happen once, it was repeated over time.

So, to know what the cat was doing the owner decided to follow her. And when she understood the reality she was shocked.
It turned out that the cat fed the infant squirrels with her milk. So, every day she went to the forest to do so.

How the mother of the squirrels disappeared and how Mila found them no one knows. But her maternal instinct did not let her stay indifferent with newborn babies.

And the woman decided to take the squirrels to her home so that the mother cat did not leave her babies. Now everything is great and everyone feels good.

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