The cat served for about six hours and brought roses to people. It had other oddities as well

Indeed, it would be pleasant for you to see flowers on your porch every morning.
The name of the cat is Willow, who brings flowers to her neighbors every day.

The woman who gets flowers every day was named Rosie. Every day she greets the cat who brings her flowers.
She says that the street where she lives is full of terraced houses with gardens.

So, the cat visits about 6 gardens each day. And residents were very happy to see this cutie on their porch.
And no one can drive the animal out of there.
Everything started when she saw how the other cat entered the room and wanted to sleep in the corridor.

The woman always closed the door but it did not work. The cat always came and meowed the way so that they opened the door.
But Willow did nothing to get the neighbors’ attention. And neighbors also put a box so that it could sleep.

But once it shocked Rosie by bringing flowers with her.
Every day she brought fresh flowers and her porch was full of them.

The woman understood that he sincerely loved her.

Willow thought that all humans are kind and they all are her owners.
So, she often visits other houses just to lie there.

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