The cat hugs everyone he sees and wants to never be alone anymore

The cat came to the shelter of Poland.
This baby needed a place to stay for some time.

But he turned out to be fortunate as a woman called Magdalena Jaźwińska took him from there.
The kitten felt alone so he began to stick all the animals in the home.

The baby was called Andrzej. So, when he appeared in a foster home, people could not imagine that the baby would bring such happiness to him.

‘When he first came to our home he was shy and preferred to sleep most of the time, but then when he grew up he became a playful cat’ says the woman.

So, the woman became a mother for the cat.
After Andrzej, another baby came to their home, named Dres.

The kitten wanted to get acquainted with the new member but the puppy was a little bit shy.
But he did not stop and wanted to befriend him.

‘When Dres first met Andrzej he was scared of him because of his big size’ says the woman.
Then, the cat started to chase the puppy and did not leave him alone even for a while.

So, finally, they became friends.
But now it’s time for the cat to search for a permanent home.

He soon found a new family and now had to part away with his friends.
But in his new family, he found new friends. And he continues following all his family members. This was his habit.

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