The cat did not notice the absence of the dog after his death till he found the dog collar

When the owners saw what the cat was doing they started to cry.
Indeed, cats can live in the same place as dogs but in most cases, they do not love each other so much.

And the same happened with this couple. The cat named Zeus and the dog called Sam lived together for several years but did not notice each other.

They did not fight against each other but also did not show love.
Time passes and Sam dies. The cat even did not notice the absence of the dog.

But then its behavior changes a lot. He started to be anxious and looked for someone. The owner understood that he finally noticed the absence of the dog.

Zeus meowed its owners and it seemed that he asked something.
And then he found the dog collar. And that moment touched everyone.

The cat lay next to the collar.
Then he put its head in the collar and fell asleep.

When the owners looked at this they started to cry. It was a touching moment.
Zeus missed his friend. Even though they were not close friends, he felt the absence of the dog.

Zeus continued sleeping with the dog collar.

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