The bus driver stop to feed the starving dog each day

This is the kind man who stops to feed the poor dog.
The dog could not express his gratitude but wagged his tail as a sign of that.

There is a special group that provides dogs with food and water. And thanks to such organizations many animals stay alive and do not die because of hunger. There is a stereotype that dogs from rural areas are not hungry.

The bus driver belongs to this group and stops every day to feed the stray dog. So, he did this for about two years.
There is also a video that filmed the amazing moments.

The dog was scared at first and did not allow the man too close to him but after some time he understood that the man wanted to look after him and had only good aims. So, gradually they become closer.

There are so many poor animals who need to be fed and people should do their best to help such poor creatures. Not everyone is ready to do so but we should not forget that they are our loyal friends and they are ready to put their lives at risk to save us.

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