The brave old woman celebrated her 99th birthday with a big bear

The actress shared a beautiful picture captured with a bear.
The woman celebrated her birthday. She turned 99 years old but looked stronger and happier.

She showed people that age is just a number and she continued living her best life and nothing will interrupt her. And then she posed with a beer and hugged the animal.

She is one of the most famous comedians in America and she is also an animal lover. She is very dedicated to animals and then she became a human rights advocate.

The woman loves all animals and there are no exceptions.
Recently she posted a picture with a big bear called Bam Bam who is from Los Angeles Zoo.

Betty was worried at first but then everything was fine. The pictures show amazing moments of pure love that exist between a human and an animal.

The woman was scared of doing so but then she felt very happy. That was a real challenger for her.

She tells that most of her life she spent being an actress and the rest working with animals.
People find Betty to be a very kind and caring person. She loves all animals and is very respectful to them.

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