The blind twins are always ready to help each other

These twins are always ready to support each other.
Once a wandering cat appeared in one woman’s backyard. The cat was not alone, she was with her 2 babies.

The kind lady could not stay indifferent and fed these poor creatures. But then she noticed that something was wrong with their eyes.

It turned out that they were blind. She would like to adopt the babies but she had financial problems and could not do so. She asked a rescue group to solve the problem.

The shelter workers were amazed by their beauty. And they name the babies Isaac and Steve. They had already taken the babies to the hospital and here it turned out they needed medical intervention.

The babies felt each other. One of them was fully blind but the other could see with one eye. They could not live without each other. And they become worried if one of them was absent.

Luckily, the woman provided them with a good life.

When one of them is crying, the other one hurries to be with it.
And when the babies will be recovered hopefully they will find their homes.

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