The blind dog has its special guide who helped him to have fun

Tao once appeared in the news of world media. Many people from all over the world followed his fate. His owner named Mel saw how the animal started to scratch its eyes.
It was obvious that he had some problems.

The owner took him to the hospital where it turned out that he had glaucoma. She was not surprised as she already felt some symptoms of disease.

The doctors could not find any other solution beside removing the eyeball.
Mel was very careful with Tao and did everything necessary for him.

And then she decided to find friends for Tao. It was a little puppy named Oko.
After their meeting they never separated again. Oko took care of his friend. He was always with him and helped in any cases.

Tao also had its account and about 13000 followers on it. The owner posts their photos and his followers enjoy looking at them.
Now Mel helps others who also keep animals and warns them about the first syndromes of the disease that could exist.

So, thanks to his kind owner Tao was not left alone and was surrounded with love and care.

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