The abandoned cat saw a dog who lost her babies and became a mom to the poor animal

The mother became a real parent for the baby cat who was all alone.
The story is about a dog named Amira who was found and saved from the street. It was wandering in Syrian streets.

It turned out to be lucky as she met kind people who decided to take her to the hospital. Later, it turned out that she was pregnant but unfortunately all her babies were stillborn.

There is also a cat called Junior who was found in the streets as well. So, here they started to make contact with each other and an amazing friendship started among them. Although the owners did not know how they would accept each other, all their worries were in vain.

Magic happened that no one could have expected so far.
So, they started to do everything together. They even ate and played together and did not want to part even for a minute.

Also, Amira became a mother for Junior as she always dreamt about.
The family was happy as they adopted the dog on time and they all are now happy together.

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