Thanks to social media a husky with his amazing appearance found a caring family

The Instagram account of the animal shelter recently shared a post about a husky called Jubilee. The breeder was sure that he could not sell the animal because of its facial look.

Then it moved to an animal shelter. Jubilee lived as homeless for about two years and when the post was shared on social media it quickly found owners.

His story was shared on the internet 45k times and there are numerous people who wanted to donate a house to her. And finally, it moved to a family who already had another pet from the same shelter.

The employees of the shelter wanted to be sure that the dog would be in safe and protected hands.
The dog became so popular in a short time and she was also shown during one of the most popular Shows.

His owners asked to close their names to avoid being in the center of people’s attention.
So, no one could expect that just a post on social media would change so many things.

The dog managed to find a loving and carrying owner and the family also found happiness.
Let’s hope, everything will continue to be good with the dog.

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