The dog saved the owner in a way that even rescuers could not do so
Jake Atkins was hunting with his friend. They were waiting for their prey but that was not a lucky day for them. The guy went closer to the
The mountain lion could finally enjoy its freedom after twenty years of servitude
It’s hard to hear any cruel action done toward animals. How could people be so cruel to these poor creatures instead of giving care? Luckily, some caring people
The cow hides her babies in different places from the farmers
Animals also have maternal love and the instinct to protect their kids. Clarabelle, a dairy cow, gave birth to calves and increased the amount of milk that she
This was an unbelievable moment when the huge humpback leaped out of the water
If you love nature and sometimes enjoy your time there you will face this wonder one day. The photographer named Douglas Craft managed to capture the huge animal.
The unusual friendship between the leopard who visits the cow every day and lay next to it
The leopard often visits the Indian village. The female scared people in the village. And residents started to complain and it reached the highest courts. And the specialist
The poor dog was found in the garbage and thanks to the animal protectors group it was rescued
The dog was laying on the ground and its legs could not even move and obey her. When someone touched her head Suzanne opened her eyes. The woman
The little wolf grew up together with tiger cubs and spent all their time together
Most probably you do not believe that tigers could be friends with wolves as they are considered to be enemies and nature never sees them together. But this
An Australian freediver and the photographer managed to capture a very rare moment of a manta ray
The freediver and the photographer named Kristian Laine managed to capture an amazing moment of a pink manta ray. It also gained the name “Inspector Clouseau » in
The cat was going to be put down by her owner till the kind vet helped her
The cat Pitoe was looking strange. Her owner was afraid and took her to the hospital and asked the doctors to euthanize her. Marie was feeling sorry for