Boys helped a small Lion who had unusual paws
When 2 guys were coming home from work they saw a small and poor creature who was tired and needed someone’s help. So, they could not stay indifferent
The injured poor fox approached people and asked for help. And that meeting changes his life
Wild animals overcome their hardships without asking people for help. But there are cases when they need someone’s intervention as they could not look after themselves. The same
The elephants traveled about twelve hours to respect the man who saved their lives
The elephants came to praise the man who helped them. Wild animals can acknowledge their family members and those who love them. And this ability helps them to
Smiling seal got the toy which was similar to him and hugged it with happiness
Seals are both cute and funny mammals. And probably you have seen many photos of these creatures. They know how to pose and do funny actions. So, they
The special wild catty is considered to be the world’s sweetest animal
This is a story about one of the unique and special creatures. Animals like leopards, tigers, and lions always are at the center of everyone’s attention. People like
The poor dog in the shelter cried when he met the man who stood in front of him
It’s very hard for us to part with our lovely ones. And also it’s difficult for the animals to do so. This story is about a dog called