The photographer was amazed when the cheetah approached and hugged him
Suddenly the animal came and hugged the photographer. The man called Sasan Amir often comes to the African savannah and always captures amazing moments of the local animals.
How the guy lives now who left without parental love
When Jono was born his parents left him in the hospital because of his disease. But he was lucky as he was adopted by a kind woman called
They thought that the dog had little chance and decided to euthanize him
The dog service caught the stray dog named Squish and took it to an animal shelter. The puppy had problems with its head and jaw and that made
The little girl who did not have 1 hand adopted a kitten who also did not have a paw and they formed a special connection
The cat found her happy place in the girl with 1 hand. When they met it was clear that a special bond was created among them. It was
The puppy who was living in a shoebox was found by kind people who could not leave it there
The puppy was abandoned and was living in the shoebox. The baby felt safe near one of the houses. Later, the owner of that house saw her and
The brave old woman celebrated her 99th birthday with a big bear
The actress shared a beautiful picture captured with a bear. The woman celebrated her birthday. She turned 99 years old but looked stronger and happier. She showed people
The drying animal later became a winner due to the kind people
The horse who was barely saved became unrecognizable. This happened in Britain and melted everyone’s hearts. People found the animal stuck in the mud and could not stay
The dog was in terrible condition and no one wanted to even look at it but then he changed
Frudo was wandering in the streets. No one liked his appearance. But then everything changed for the better when he was noticed by a caring person who could
The doctor comforted the doggy as it was scared and did not stop crying
See the dog called Mandy. She and her brother named Charlie appeared in the animal shelter after the volunteers found them on the street. And according to some
The little cat was all alone on the street. But he did not lose his hope that he would find kind people
He was alone in the street and tried to survive. He had only one dream and that was to find kind people who would help him. He needed